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About Us

Niveshi is a fully AI powered investment fund. We are reimagining systematic investing from the scratch, keeping AI and automation at the heart of the architecture. We create profitable, completely self-learnt, automated strategies for trading on any asset class across any market, through the use of Reinforcement Learning. We don’t believe that humans are the best examples of investors, and hence don't emulate them in our AI. We are creating infrastructure that automates the role of:

Quant Researcher

Generate new strategies across any market or asset class


Intelligent execution of strategy in the live market

Portfolio Manager

Capital allocation amongst all the strategies running in the market


Solve intelligence for the investment management industry and get rid of the hedge fund management fees


The major cost driving the high fee is human. We go to exceeding length to automate everything from end to end ranging from managing cloud to strategy research to strategy deployment to risk management and position monitoring.


Scalability is at core of our architecture and is absolutely essential in a low fee environment where you need to ensure the system can scale up not only across multiple markets but also across different system environment. Hence we unbundled infrastructure and intelligence, and built both modularly.


We understand very well that whatever technology we use today, will too get outdated sooner rather than later. Hence our target right from the start hasn't been to generate a few strategies and sit tight on it but to make a system that can continuously adapt to the changing market dynamics


As data becomes more abundant, machines are well placed to find patterns that are more subtle and intricate which traditional human developed rule-based strategies can't capture

No Human Bias

We've made special effort not to introduce any human bias while developing the algorithms. The result has been strategies that capture both short term and long term patterns in markets, counterintuitive to many traditionally running trend following strategies.


We've compressed the traditional strategy creation to strategy deployment cycle time from 3-4 months to less than a week. This is absoultely essential as typically a strategy has an average shelf life of only 18 months.

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